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QCA Publications: Database driven website and supporting materials.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) promote quality and coherence in education and training, in the interests of individuals, the economy and society. They provide publications and information on the National Curriculum for schools, and they regulate assessment of pupils and public qualifications. They also provide support information such as latest research and statistical information for teachers and school leadership.

Keymedia built a database driven website that provides an invaluable resource for teachers and school leadership alike. It shows examples of pupils' work at various key stages and levels and across all subjects. The site allows users to build up a portfolio of pupils' work which can be printed and used as an off line resource.

Recently, the site has seen some very interesting developments in line with the changing needs of the national curriculum. These include:

  • Examples of pupils' work with ICT across a range of subjects
  • Advice to teachers on how to recognise and promote creative thinking and behaviour
  • The addition of two new subjects, PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) and citizenship

We have created a series of support materials for this project including CD-ROMs, video, a Flash Presentation and posters.


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