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Lloyds TSB Registrars - Share View Application web interface and XML

LloydsTSB Registrars provide an online Share View Applications system for major corporate clients. This system allows companies to let their employees apply for their company share options online. However, the system is purely "backend" and did not have its own web interface.

Lloyds approached Keymedia to provide a secure web interface that could communicate with their system via XML for the Share View Applications functionality. They wanted the design to be adaptable for individual clients, such MMO2 the mobile phone company, as well as maintaining the Lloyds branding too.

Having worked with Lloyds for 3 years on a similar solution for Pearson Plc, Keymedia were able to provide them with a branded web interface and relevant XML code within two weeks which completed the Lloyds "off the shelf" package.